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Information about the course Stop Bullying

This course is aimed at individuals, schools and others who are interested in how bullying can be quickly identified and stopped and thus prevented.

The course consists of 8 pre-recorded presentations that last approx. 10 minutes and contains questions that can be used as a starting point for discussion. Tutoring is offered on request, individually or in groups.


Bullying hurts - even many years later. Statistics on bullying are presented here: prevalence in different groups divided by age and gender and the most common late effects.

2. Those who do nothing are the worst. Here are the most common personality traits of those involved in bullying: victims, bullies, the active (the bully) and the passive witnesses (bystanders).

Bullying does not occur without bullies. Here is how bullying (typically) occurs and can be maintained year after year.

4. Bullying and mortality. This presentation takes a closer look at the connection between bullying and mortality.

5. The diagnosis as self-fulfilling prophecy. It describes how symptoms that occur in victims of bullying can be misinterpreted as, or confirm, psychiatric diagnoses such as. Alzheimer's.

6. Bullying - whose responsibility? It discusses who is responsible for identifying and stopping bullying in schools and workplaces. Legal aspects are affected.

7. Support and help for those affected. Victims of bullying need qualified help to get on in life without harm. Relatives also often need help and support.

8. Concrete advice to schools. Research shows that some interventions are more effective than others in preventing bullying and helping those involved. It is often most difficult to identify bullying because both victims and perpetrators have an interest in it remaining hidden.

The course fee (SEK 100) goes in full to the project Stop bullying.

Advice / guidance: by agreement (link to contact)

The course fee (SEK 100) goes in full to the initiative Stop bullying.

Advice / guidance: as agreed

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