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Information about the course Women's Health

Research shows that women are offered cheaper and worse medical treatment, that medicines are not always tried on women and that side effect profiles for women are lacking. That is the starting point for this course.

Women's physical symptoms are also often perceived as mental illness, or the symptoms are not recognized because there may be no gender-specific disease descriptions.

Women also do not always tell the reason for the visit, but a direct question may be necessary, e.g. what the relationships at home look like. It is a known fact that the most dangerous place for a woman to be is at home.

Women are also generally worse than men at taking a seat and are often too kind and resilient (statistically), which means that they become "invisible" and thus do not get the help they need.

They are also accustomed to being met by prejudices and perhaps see themselves through the eyes of society, as objects instead of subjects. The purpose of the course is therefore to make women aware of their women's and medical rights.

The course consists of pre-recorded presentation and includes exercises that strengthen self-confidence. Guidance can be given on demand, individually or in groups.


Note that the course material is copyright ©

Course fee SEK 200

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