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Information about the course 13 steps to freedom

This course is about being free from fear. Fear is a vital feeling but while animals are afraid of being attacked, humans are most afraid of not being good enough. The fear usually arose in childhood and over the years has resulted in more or less effective "survival strategies".

Children are experts at adapting to the demands of the environment. The strategies are used as long as they are needed and work. They can be seen as tools in a toolbox. If they no longer work or become worn, they must be replaced.

The course consists of 13 sound recordings and mixes theory and practice. During the course, you explore your strategies and become aware of which ones need to be replaced. It is the beginning of a life without unnecessary fear.

The course is best conducted individually and contains a total of 36 exercises. You register for the course by booking an appointment for a meeting. Please note that the course is not treatment, but that treatment can be offered if needed, as well as supervision.


Note that the course is copyrighted ©



Course fee per person: SEK 600

Tutorial (45 min):

SEK 1,200 (individual)

2000 kronor (pair)


Companies / groups by agreement

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