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What do we offer?

We offer courses and treatment based on a completely new theory of self-development, Body State Theory. With the help of theory, one can quickly acquire structured knowledge about self-development, which can be used as a starting point for change and better mood.

With this goal, we offer courses in for individuals, couples and companies, psychiatric treatment for individuals and training for licensed healthcare professionals. The institute works actively to promote human rights and strengthen the position of vulnerable groups in society.


The Body State Theory was initially developed to treat bullying-specific mental symptoms and problems but has later proven effective as a starting point for treatment regardless of the cause.



"I felt received", "the course was very good" and "gave more than expected."

Anonymous - Course on burnout and stress, YosYoga, February - March 2019

"Thank you Gunilla for your strength and your kindness! It has been a wonderful journey, also thanks to Isabella, always welcoming and with a great smile."

Doro tea

"Thank you Gunilla for these wonderful days"


Anna Frascino

Kurser ⌄
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